The Spheres is the coaching technique that helps people become masters of their emotions.

This book takes the reader through the technique step-by-step.
The Spheres Book

You would like to be coached to explore and reach your full potential.

You are in the HR department and you want to propose the Spheres as a training for your colleagues.

You are looking to improve the interpersonal communication skills within your organisation.

The Spheres - How to use this book

Everyone can become a master of their emotions...

No matter how old you are, your origins, your belief system, your faith, your cultural heritage, or your social situation, you can learn how to control your emotions.

If you practice the exercises described in this book on a daily basis, over time your actions will no longer be dictated by your emotions, and you will be on your way to reaching your full potential.

The Spheres are a visualisation tool used to represent your emotions. Throughout this book they will help us build a common language around emotions, and what to do with them.


The book will guide you to explore your emotions, and will show you how to master them.

To practice the Spheres, first you need to recognise your emotions so that you can address them fully. You can name them precisely with labels such as anger, fear, and resentment, or joy, love, and ecstasy.

Or, you can be more general by giving them a description such as the feeling of disappointment when something does not go according to plan, or the feeling of fireworks when everything works out.

Your emotions are valid, no matter what you are feeling, and no matter when you are feeling them. They are simply a piece of information that tells you a lot, if you listen.

The Spheres - List of emotions

As a coach, I use this technique with my clients, and I regularly witness on-the-spot transformations.

Our greatest ability as humans is not to change the world, but to change ourselves.
Mahatma Ghandi

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