An event focused on providing you with the feedback you need to understand what your users want and need, so that you can add even more value to them.

You've built an app, a website or a business tool and you want feedback.

We will organise an event around you and what you have built - we take care of it all.

You're looking for product-market fit, and you want to ask better questions.

We will provide you with a different perspective and challenge your assumptions.

You want to engage in more meaningful conversations with your potential clients.

We will teach you everything we know about understanding what is valuable for the client.

Test My App

Let's organise your very own Test my App event...

We organise Test my App events around what you have built, so that you can collect the feedback you need and adapt what you've built to the market.

Our methodology has helped companies of different sizes in different markets and industries to understand their consumers. Our events are designed to create a safe environment for creators to engage in meaningful conversations.

The objective is always to understand what consumers want and how you can add value to them with what you have created. To prepare the event, we dig deep to find the most valuable questions for you and your team.


Test my App events bring together selected users.

We take care of recruiting users who are going to provide you with the most relevant feedback. We have a wide network of people we invite depending on the topic, the industry, and the demographic you are aiming at.

We work with you to prepare the event and ask the right questions.

Having spent years preparing events for our clients, we know how to help you see the client's point of view.

In order to get the best results out of our collaboration, we will push you out of your comfort zone, and ask some deep questions. This is so that we can uncover the core drivers of your business and add as much

value as possible to you and your organisation. Some of our clients have changed their entire roadmap after having worked with us, because they finally challenged some core assumptions.

We should all learn to listen to understand, instead of listening to respond...
Stephen R. Covey

What we will work on together