An end-to-end audit of your startup, from idea to go-to-market. We've built startups and you can learn from our mistakes, so that you can do better and go further.

You have an idea for a startup, and you want some neutral feedback.

We will challenge you and your team in a safe and confidential environment.

You've already launched your startup and you're looking for some help.

We will guide you through the current phase of your startup, based on our experience.

You want to scale your startup and you want to make sure that you're ready.

We will connect with our network and get you on track to achieve your potential.

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It takes courage to be an entrepreneur...

It also takes a certain mindset, grit and determination to succeed where others have given up in the past. We only work with professionals who have the stamina to do what needs to be done.

Your startup needs to deliver real value to your audience, and you need have a good understanding of what drives them to work with you. We see too many entrepreneurs with the “build and they will come” mindset, and we’ll make sure that

you’re not one of them. You can learn from our mistakes, so that you can become better entrepreneurs than us. We’ll teach you to ask better questions, so that you can go further than us, and you’ll leverage our resources and network.


We f***ed up so you don't have to...

Our mistakes can be your never-ending source of inspiration to ask better questions, solve better problems and build better solutions…

We create a safe space in which you can experiment and explore

Having spent years building startups and mentoring teams to pass on our knowledge, we know that sometimes we're one conversation away from not wasting 6 months of our lives...

We know what it’s like to be drunk on our own idea and what it feels like to be in the confirmation bias bubble. We’ll challenge your key assumptions and make sure that

you are asking yourself and your target clients some fundamental questions. We’ve been lucky to have mentors around us in the past who done the same for us.

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Learn from the mistakes of others. You can't live long enough to make them all yourself.
Eleanor Roosevelt

What we will work on together