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What do you need ?

  • A total rebranding ?

  • A logo ? A poster ? A flyer ? Business cards ?

What do you need ?

  • A one-to-one sessions ?

  • A consulting proposal package ?


You have a plan in head and need help to execute upon it ?

You work on your own and sometimes need a push in the right direction? Whatever your situation is, come talk to us about your project and let's define the best strategy and plan of action together.

What do you need ?

  • A random rage of testers ?

  • A panel audience rigourously selected  ?

Test my App

From MVP to final product, your clients have got something to say. With Test my App we provide entrepreneurs with the tools, audience and expertise to help them reach their best product-market fit and improve the quality of their application and website.

What do you need ?

  • A workshop to help you improve your pitch ?

  • A one-to-one session for an intensive help ?

Test my Pitch

The first impression is the most important. The way you present your project can make or break sales, cooperations, investments, opportunites etc. With Test my Pitch we give you hands-on advice and techniques to improve your pitch and grab your audience's interest.

The 1st meeting is FREE

Helping you boost your compagny growth

4 products, 1 goal

Design & Co

Visual identity is the showcase of your brand, the first impression that people will have on your activity. That's why it is so important to look professional. Our design & communication service allows you to update all of your designs, and create any type of visuals support.