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Once upon a pitch, you made an impact.

Updated: Sep 8, 2019

We have all listened to a presentation and walked away without remembering what it was all about, let alone what was expected from us… Whether preparing to meet investors, rehearsing to be selected for a start-up contest, or preparing for a presentation in front of colleagues, a lot of practice and thought should be put into a pitch. It is less about your idea than how the idea is put across to, and received by, a specific audience with a precise objective.

Test my Pitch was created to provide individuals with a safe and friendly environment in which to receive constructive feedback about how they pitch, allowing participants to improve their delivery, as well as their content. Through our hands-on approach and practical exercises, participants learn the techniques to build and deliver an impactful message.

“Stories have been told since the dawn man to pass-on knowledge, culture and traditions. Storytelling is in our blood and it is our instinct to listen with our emotions. Focusing on hard facts is simply not enough to convey a strong message that the audience can relate to and integrate. In a world in which there is so much noise, how will your revolutionary idea be heard if your story does not spread, through the right people, at the right time, in the right place?”

We often think that pitching is reserved to start-ups and entrepreneurs, when in fact we pitch everywhere and every day. From the weekly presentation in front of the team, to pitching a new business idea to your CEO, these are all real-life pitching events. Having worked with several individuals and run workshops around pitching and storytelling in different settings, we have refined and fine tuned our approach so that anyone who has anything to present will walk away with the nuggets that make their message pop.

Our proudest moments are when we hear from our participants, saying that they used our feedback to improve the delivery of their message, and they see the difference the workshop has made because their audience gets the call to action.

Are you ready to make your next pitch as impactful as possible?

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