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Need a spare part?

Working on a project?

Want a 3D prototype?

Or give an original present…

Have you ever thought that you didn’t need to buy that whole “thing”, you just needed that small part for the “thing” for it to work again, well that’s now possible with 3D-printing.

Our Partner is able to print out pretty much anything you can think of, from a sketch you’ve made, a technical drawing, a computer generated image, everything is possible.

From printing your next miniature design, to 1:1 scale parts, for use or for mock-up, the only real limits are your imagination.

Possibilities are endless! Now you can:

  • have a 3D replica of your house (we’ll probably have to scale this one down)…
  • you could get that part you broke on the model you made…
  • you could print out the model of the industrial project you’ve been working on…

What would be the first thing that you’d have printed?

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